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Are you looking for the chance to buy anything soon? If so, you have had experience with the all-too-familiar buying cycle most of us have. Firstly, we mostly look for recommendations from people we consider to be friends, and after they tell us their stories about their journeys, we make our decisions. Boring, right? Research has shown that the need for vigilance before buying is a virtue everyone needs to cultivate. Checking out other peoples’ experiences can help reduce the number of challenges consumers have.

In a modern Internet age, consumers rely on customer reviews on most e-commerce stores for the referrals they received from their friends. Although most online stores have reviews, some, like essay writing companies are lacking them. That is why we have created this website specifically to display customer reviews for various essay writing companies.

Students as consumers

Students spend a lot of their time researching essay writing companies online. Most times, they simply find an essay company; pay them, before waiting for their papers to hit their inbox. While quite simple, this practice exposes them to a lot of unscrupulous essay service providers. The best you should do when you’re searching for an essay writing company is to check out reviews about them.

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Why we review paper writing services

There is a large number of essay writing companies out there. Although a good number among them offer a superb service to consumers, some of them waste a lot of the students’ time. It is important that students learn how to differentiate between these two. The only way they’d have to do this is by experiencing these companies randomly which would not only be costly, but time wasting too. Alternatively, students would simply pick an essay writing company that has many good reviews for peace of minds’ sake. is at the front line of helping students find good essay writing companies.

How we do it

First of all, we have a section that is entirely dedicated to customer reviews. These reviews are ratings of various essay writing companies our users have used. We organize these reviews to come up with a list of reputable essay writing companies. Students interested in the list not only get access to the ratings the users assigned to these companies, but also read the comments they leave for each one.

In addition to this, we have an expertly done summary that reveals other crucial points the customer reviews may omit.