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21 ZETA INC.com will be formed as an online platform for 21 ZETA INC company specializing in online marketing of products and services offered by 21 ZETA INC company in local and international markets. 21 ZETA INC is a family owned business that has been in operation for over 10 years. Its main business unit […]

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According to the available estimates, 21 ZETA INC.COM is expected to maintain a profitable financial position over the next 2 years. The operations of online business of this company are expected to break even in the second month of operations. These web-based operations are expected to be profitable in less than a year with sustained […]

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The e-payment system will require the following preliminaries before is can be established:  An online customer that is involved in purchasing and making payment online and a Merchant who will be receiving the payments that are made by the customers. The customers can be informed of the online e-payment system through advertisement in the website […]

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The main strategy of this online segment of this business is to deliver strong customer value in the market. This website will enable this company to offer the locals as well as distant areas the best automobile maintenance services, with high levels of efficiency and effectiveness. This website will enable this company to build a […]

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To be able to accomplish and achieve all set objectives, the credit cards will be accepted either through online payment gateway or through a Point Of sale on the offline.  On the offline system, the credit card will be swiped in an entry terminal. The entry terminals should be many to avoid any congestion. Which […]

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Book Bunker is working to be in the position to capture their customers from all geographic regions. This can only be possible by integrating the e-payment system. The e-payment system will ensure that customers that cannot make their way to the store can still be in the position to make a purchase through the website. […]

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Products and services This website will be a major access link between this company and its customers for inquiry, booking, clarification as well as payment for the services offered by this company.  Market. The launch of this website is expected to increase accessibility of the company to the local market as well as distant customers. […]

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In addition to the encryption and the decryption process intended to protect information from falling into the wrong hands, there is need for Two factor authentication. This is a procedure that can further enhance the e-payment security. It requires a six-digit code that is used in addition to the password. (Lopuck, 2012)This procedure can ensure […]

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In addition, it should possess its own encryption standards that are unique. This includes the URL for each client. The powerful Cryptography is used in encrypting the data that is entered by the online customer. The payment system should be built to be able to support this new technology because encryption is the ultimate measure […]

E-business. Smartphone Technological know-how for e-Business? Webpage Promo

The management of e-commerce in this organization is expected to cost effectively utilise the available resources and ensure the operations are profitable and abide by government regulations and policies. The management philosophy of the online platform of this business will be based on mutual respect, responsibility, and teamwork. The fact that online business environment encourage […]